n. & adj.
1 one more than one; the sum of one unit and another unit.
2 a symbol for this (2, ii, II).
3 a size etc. denoted by two.
4 the time of two o'clock (is it two yet?).
5 a set of two.
6 a card with two pips.
—adj. that amount to two.
Phrases and idioms:
in two in or into two pieces. in two shakes (or ticks) see SHAKE, TICK(1). or two denoting several (a thing or two = several things). put two and two together make (esp. an obvious) inference from what is known or evident. that makes two of us colloq. that is true of me also. two-bit US colloq. cheap, petty. two-by-four a length of timber with a rectangular cross-section 2 in. by 4 in. two by two (or two and two) in pairs. two can play at that game colloq. another person's behaviour can be copied to that person's disadvantage. two-dimensional
1 having or appearing to have length and breadth but no depth.
2 lacking depth or substance; superficial. two-edged double-edged.
1 having two faces.
2 insincere; deceitful.
1 having, using, or requiring the use of two hands.
2 (of a card-game) for two players. two a penny see PENNY. two-piece adj. (of a suit etc.) consisting of two matching items.
—n. a two-piece suit etc. two-ply adj. of two strands, webs, or thicknesses.
1 two-ply wool.
2 two-ply wood made by gluing together two layers with the grain in different directions.
1 a vehicle or aircraft with two seats.
2 a sofa etc. for two people. two-sided 1 having two sides.
2 having two aspects; controversial. two-step a round dance with a sliding step in march or polka time. two-stroke esp. Brit. (of an internal-combustion engine) having its power cycle completed in one up-and-down movement of the piston.
two-time colloq.
1 deceive or be unfaithful to (esp. a partner or lover).
2 swindle, double-cross. two-timer colloq. a person who is deceitful or unfaithful. two-tone having two colours or sounds. two-up Austral. & NZ a gambling game with bets placed on a showing of two heads or two tails.
1 involving two ways or participants.
2 (of a switch) permitting a current to be switched on or off from either of two points.
3 (of a radio) capable of transmitting and receiving signals.
4 (of a tap etc.) permitting fluid etc. to flow in either of two channels or directions.
5 (of traffic etc.) moving in two esp. opposite directions. two-way mirror a panel of glass that can be seen through from one side and is a mirror on the other. two-wheeler a vehicle with two wheels.
Etymology: OE twa (fem. & neut.), tu (neut.), with Gmc cognates and rel. to Skr. dwau, dwe, Gk & L duo

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